Damien Smith Design

D-Cat Custom Catamaran System

D-cat is a flexible system for the construction of custom lightweight aluminium catamarans. At the heart of the system are the custom design decking extrusions which have been created for an optimal material distribution, minimising weight and the depth of the vessel’s cross deck structure which has a positive impact throughout the vessel’s design.

Within the formula, the length and beam on the vessel can be adapted to suit a wide variety of vessels. Vessels built to date include; a 50 passenger tour vessel, landing craft and work boats. The advanced hull shape provides good ride characteristics and load carrying capacity.

The vessels built have been powered by either outboard motors, surface piercing propellers with inboard diesels. Water jets and or legs are also possible.

For many vessels where deck area is more important than absolute maximum load carrying capacity; these catamarans make an excellent choice as the basis for a custom vessel.