Atalanta IV

This vessel is a former Pearl cleaning boat used at Cygnet Bay Pearls approximately 200 km north of Broome. The vessel was converted to a 2C passenger vessel to complement Cygnet Bay’s diversification into tourism. The conversion required adaption of the vessel to meet NSCV code requirements. Stability compliance required subtle modifications to the seating arrangements and additional integral buoyancy to meet damage stability requirements for a passenger vessel. The transom was modified to carry two outboard motors and the vessel was fitted with canopy and toilet facilities.

The modifications were undertaken in Cygnet Bay by the client’s own workforce from an aluminium kit supplied by Damien Smith Design. The advanced self-supporting geodetic canopy was also constructed in Cygnet Bay and the fabric cover was manufactured directly from the shapes generated by the 3-D CAD model. On completion of final survey a stability inclining experiment was conducted in the presence of a DOT surveyor and Damien Smith.