Damien Smith Design

Houseboat Careening

This project started as a phone call, this vessel was due for it’s out of water survey, and it was going to cost a large amount of money to have towed from its remote location to the “nearest” port capable of lifting the vessel out followed by another large amount of money to have the vessel towed back. All this effort was just so the surveyor could inspect the vessel. The question was, did I think we could put some stands under the vessel and inspect it when the tide went out? Has anybody ever done that? “What you mean like careening a pearling luger back in the day?”
The stands were manufactured from recycled steel available on site, precisely located to avoid damage to the vessel and secured in place using chains. We checked with a firm of civil engineers to ensure the beach was up to scratch and the feet of the stands were big enough and got approval from the insurers.