Damien Smith Design

9.4m D Cat Landing Craft

This iteration of Damien Smith designs “D cat” further refines the innovative hull shape and introduces new fendering system expanding the capability of the DSD Construction system.


Skilfully constructed by Alumarine, taking full advantage of our state-of-the-art construction technology, the vessel is extremely fair. Ruggedly constructed to NSCV commercial survey standards and designed to meet Lloyd’s SSC rules, the vessel is well suited to its role as a knockabout marine ute delivering wide variety of cargoes in and around the Gold Coast. This vessel uses Damien Smith Design’s new HDPE fendering system. This practical lightweight design features an easily replaced HDPE insert


As is typical of a D cat, its behaviour at sea is capable and reassuring. Unlike conventional catamarans, the vessel leans slightly into a turn due to the advanced hull shape. The Z bow maximises waterline length, and provides buoyancy forward to allow the vessel to lift to the oncoming waves, while the spray rails and blister fairing plates dampen the uncomfortable pitching motions. Alumarine’s Greg Buckley said “it’s like a terrier, it just wants to keep going… just awesome” after crossing the Inverloch bar through two metre breaking and trialling the vessel in rough seas in Bass Strait.