Damien Smith Design

Molloy Island 5.5

The Molloy Island 5.5 is a classically styled aluminium jet boat featuring and inboard diesel and water jet propulsion. Designed specifically for its owner’s requirements to operate in a river and estuary environment where an ability to handle wind driven chop and shallow draft are essential. The fine entry and long water line length result in as soft riding easily driven hull with a smooth transition on to the plane. Plenty of beam gives excellent stability characteristics.

Built for daily use, well thought out ergonomics driven by real world practicalities rather than the needs of the mass market, feature in this design. The relatively high sides are at a convenient sitting height and the practical railings allow an easy and safe passage aft via a proper width aisle to the spacious swim platform, unencumbered by an outboard motor.

The Molloy Island 5.5 is now available as a semi production vessel from Alucraft Pty ltd, and can be fitted with a range of engines from 60-125 hp.

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