Stability & Survey

The NSCV code has progressively replaced the old USL code throughout Australia over the last decade or so. The NSCV code is a performance based set of regulations rather than prescriptive basis of the USL code. In practice this means that while the deemed to satisfy cookbook solutions are still available, any arrangements which meet the performance requirements can be used. For many businesses, this allows innovative arrangements to reduce costs and boost efficiency. Damien Smith Design has worked with a number of clients to develop innovative equivalent solutions and prepare the documentation required for approval.

Damien Smith Design also routinely performs stability analysis and undertakes inclining experiments typically after vessel modifications or change in survey. A special area of expertise is the stability for smaller vessels which often have difficulty with some aspects of NSCV code stability criteria. Damien Smith Design has developed specialised techniques and equipment to allow accurate and reliable inclining experiments for vessels as small as 6 m.


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