7.3m Landing Craft

This version of Damien Smith designs mini catamaran landing craft was created to fulfill a specific and complex role in protecting Australia’s coastline. Fitting into a limited space on the deck of the Pacific Responder, The Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s emergency towing vessel placed in Cairns. It is specifically designed to carry an ARGO Eight wheeled all terrain vehicle used to service the navigation lights in remote parts of Northern Australia. In addition to its role as a landing craft this vessel also has the capability of deploying booms and sprays for oil spill control work.

The Z-bow catamaran hull form maximises water line length. The added length not only improves speed but maximises the water plane area – important for controlling unwanted trim changes during loading of the landing craft. The design will allow the vessel to maintain speed through chop and small wind waves, without bone jarring or slamming of conventional flat bottomed landing craft.

On trials this vessel was able to travel at speeds of up to 24 knots in 1.5m seas and 40 knots winds. With an amazingly dry ride, and excellent level of comfort for the crew.

Length 7.3m
Beam 3.0m
Maximum Deadweight 2tonne
Survey USL 2C
Power Twin Yamaha 115 hp outboard